Web-based remote monitoring software

With LightGuard Monitor you can monitor coastal sections or large seaports with hundreds of objects as well as smaller working ports or marinas with only a few stations. The system adapts flexibly to the respective task and is always the right fit.

The advantages at a glance:

  • all required technical components  for remote monitoring are fully integrated in the new product line
  • independent of operating system
  • modern, clean interface – map display with vector-based charts – optional real-time AIS display for possible fleet management
  • supports one- and two-way communication
  • high data reliability through redundant servers
  • secure two-factor login
  • easy integration of new stations
  • simple licensing model

Modern software interface

The modern and clearly designed software interface allows all stations as a simple list or on an electronic chart. This gives the user the most relevant information for each station always in view, such as the station name, the display light on / off, the current communication status and any alarms. The native sorting function also gives quick access to stations with a reported alarm. With a super user or admin access you get direct access to the configuration of the currently selected station.

AIS and Fleet Management

LightGuard Monitor is not exclusively for the remote monitoring of Aids to Navigation. As an option, waterways can also be monitored through real time AIS-data on the electronic chart monitor.

For your personal fleet management you can permanently mark ships (highlighting) and have access to current dynamic data along with general ship names and vessel characteristics. For smaller ports and marinas, this is the optimal software solution to monitor Aids to Navigation and vessel traffic simultaneously.

Data security

The security and integrity of your data is the most important part of our development work. We guarantee the permanent availability of your data by redundant servers, security against unauthorized access and encrypt data transmitted using robust methods. LightGuard Monitor is protected by a secure login for unauthorized access.

For even greater security, there is an optional two-factor login: a disposable password that is generated from their smartphone, supplemented entering their personal password – perfect for use in insecure locations.