As a world leading supplier of Aids to Navigation (AtoN’s) and marine obstruction marking products, Sabik can offer a range of customised and bespoke solutions for either temporary
decommissioning projects, or long term abandonment strategies. Using the latest state of the art, optical technology Sabik’s LED marine products are exceptionally low power and are therefore particularly suitable for solar applications where platform power has or is planned to be removed.

With advanced remote monitoring capability, unmanned assets can be safely and confidently monitored for continued compliance and operational security from any location via any web enabled device. Designed with decommissioning procedures in mind, Sabik’s solarised AtoN skids are light weight, compact and versatile for ease of use on and around an installation. Whichever deconstruction method is utilised, piece small, single lift, we can supply a cost effective, reliable and time efficient marking solution for any decommissioning project, regardless of geographical territory or environmental condition.


  • Temporary or Permanent Solutions
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Safe & Hazardous Area
  • Low Power Solar Applications
  • Compact & Flexible Design
  • Small Footprint