Mobilis offers a complete range of acquisition data buoys (data buoys or smart buoy):
The Mobilis platforms are known to be the perfect support to accommodate all the necessary instrumentation for measurements at sea; wind or solar generator, measuring instruments, sensors, modems, data transmission, technical compartments. The larger models are safely accessible and can be visited inside.
Mobilis has developed the expertise of integration, using new technologies of information and communication and now offers two options:
– Provide a platform to host your instruments
– Providing a turnkey solution: expert Mobilis team of researches, develops and realizes your project. You get a data acquisition buoy  that gives you the data that you need.
Type of data collected:
-The observation of the impact of human activity on the coast (Multiparameter probes – EOL)
Meteorological and oceanographic observation (weather sensors, oceanographic)
-Surveillance (video, magnetic field, electric field, tsunami, pollution, hydrophone, sirens …)
Mobilis equipment complies with IALA recommendations.