Complete LED Lighting Solutions for MET Towers

Carmanah LED lights ensure your meteorological testing (MET) towers are clearly visible. Our solutions for MET towers are quick to install, cost effective, and reliable. Easily programmable, our lights offer options including continuous flash patterns and infrared modes, making them suitable for a variety of military and civilian applications.

State Legislation

Many US states have included lighting—as either a requirement or recommendation—in their legislation for marking MET towers. This is to enhance the presence of towers for agriculture and other low-level aviation operations.



The OL4 and OL800 are portable solar LED lights that offer an ideal solution for rural locations away from the electrical grid. Since they require no external wiring, they are easy to move for temporary projects; the OL4’s optional magnetic mounting kit makes redeployment even easier, but these low-intensity lights can also be used for permanent installations. Meanwhile, the OL800 offers remote monitoring via GSM and Globalstar satellite networks, allowing secure one- or two-way data transmission that comes in handy especially for hard-to-access installations.