Blue Flag Lighting for Railyards

A bright idea for railroad safety

Enhance blue signal protection with reliable, low-maintenance lights that are shock-proof, waterproof, and built to withstand the harsh demands of the railyard for at least five years.


As outlined by the US Department of Transportation:

  • “Blue flag protection in the railroad industry provides safety to workers from the inadvertent movement of equipment on which they are working.”
  • “Blue signal means a clearly distinguishable blue flag by day… and a blue light at night.”


Carmanah Work Safe

Work Safe

Increase visibility and enhance safety where it matters most.

Carmanah Railroad Tough

Railroad Tough

Built to endure years of heat, harsh weather, shock, and vibration.

Carmanah Save Time

Save Time

One less thing on the checklist; no more looking for batteries or bulbs.