Fog Signal


Fog Signal SFH 6 EX Fog Signal is a 2 nm audio signal. The Fog Signal is a new development, compact and lightweight unit designed for marine applications. The Fog Signal is equipped with six compressor drivers and with an integrated power amplifier.

Fog Signal SFH 6 EX features:

  • Signal range 2 NM
  • Output 133,2 dB at a frequency of 664 Hz
  • Corrosion resistant aluminium housing
  • Suitable to be powered with solar energy and a battery system
  • Maintenance free design
  • As standard delivered with Morse U 30 sek audio signal, on request other characters
  • Used on fixed offshore structures, oil/gas platforms, offshore wind farms, FSO and FPSO tankers
  • Can be installed together with a Sabik fog detector.