Polyethylene plastic buoys

The increasing concern for lifetime cost of floating AtoN has made most operators of buoys to notice the savings potential of moving over from steel to plastic. In many countries the strategy has already been implemented.

Sabik has been the leading manufacturer developing plastic buoy solutions for operation in ice conditions. Together with our partners we are able to provide the best range of ice buoys and spars for our customers.

Our range includes both high density polyethylene (HDPE) tube spars and rotational molded polyethylene ice buoys. The complete Sabik solution consisting of ice proof lanterns and power systems match the operational requirements with a light weight and significantly lower maintenance cost.

In the most severe conditions, the complete ice buoy is measured by its weakest link. Decades of experience and long term evolution of various proven solutions is our guarantee for the performance and the survival of the plastic buoys.

For non ice conditions we offer innovative polyethylene buoys almost completely made of plastics, not only the floats.