Sabik is specialized in all types of products and assemblies related to railway projects.


System Assemblies TRV 200 / TRV 100 features:

  • Railway crossing signals with backing boards
  • Railway crossing signals to fit into standard traffic light enclosures
  • Special variable message signs
  • Supply of housings for railway signals
  • Supply of traffic light enclosures
  • Tailor made steel support structures

System Assemblies RSSL 100TB features:

  • A special stainless steel enclosure designed for direct fitting to Sabik shunting signals RSSL 100.12FI and RSSL 100.12NO
  • TB enclosure is equipped with 4 signal transformers and row connectors for connecting the field cable and protecting earth wire.
  • Tailormade row connectors for the primary and secondary coilings of signal.
Technical Information