Sunica Nickel Cadmium batteries for solar systems

The Sunica Ni-Cd batteries are the first choise for solar system when performance in cold condition, long lifetime and and low life cycle cost is the target. The battery chemistry is ideal for solar applications with a very low daily discharge and only one major discharge per year in the winter. Modular design offers good flexibility to build battery banks to suit customer needs. The Sunica batteries have proven performance since the 1970´s in demanding industrial applications.

Sunica Ni-Cd Batteries features:

  • Lifetime expectancy in excess of 20 years, up to 8000 cycles to 15 %
  • Battery design and gas recombination pocket optimised for photovoltaic applications
  • Limited maintenance, typically once every four years
  • Excellent performance in temperatures below -20°C (-4°F)
  • Temperature range -50°C to +70°C (-58°F to 158°F)
  • Resistant to over- and undercharging and complete discharge