Solar-powered M850 lanterns lighting the Sentosa Boardwalk in Singapore

Sentosa is a popular resort island in Singapore that welcomes approximately twenty million visitors per year. Attractions include a long beach, golf courses, hotels, theme parks, casinos and much more. It is conveniently located only about half a kilometre from the mainland by foot. The new bridge Sentosa Boardwalk was constructed in 2009 and it includes theme gardens, shops, bars and restaurants. Sentosa Boardwalk, designed by Aedas, was named Best Leisure Architecture in Asia Pacific and 5 times Best Leisure Architecture in Singapore. Sentosa island hosted the world-famous North KoreaUnited States summit in June 2018.



Eight new Carmanah self-contained M850 96E GPS lanterns were installed by our Singapore distributor Kemsa Far East in 2018 on the breakwater beside the Sentosa Boardwalk. These products replaced an earlier generation of solar-powered M700s which have been discontinued already a few years ago. The breakwater serves as a protective barrier to the boardwalk, which is a landlink to the iconic tourist attractions from mainland Singapore.

The original M701-5s were installed in their time with input from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) to the Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC), the organization that maintains the island’s infrastructure. These lanterns had served faithfully and reliably and were due for an upgrade project this year.

Based on the M700s lantern’s impeccable track record, their successor, M850, naturally was trusted and chosen for this year’s renewal. Our satisfied end-customer SDC has commented that the M700s lanterns never missed a beat throughout their installed lifetime. So they look for the same outstanding performance from the new ones as well.

The M850s self-contained lantern is a combination of compact, high-efficiency solar engine with premium components in a sturdy design for best-in-class performance. These new lanterns will now successfully show the way to the tourists and other visitors to the Sentosa island for years to come.

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