Solar Powered LED Marine Lantern up to 7,8 NM Range

With a durable, large-format solar engine, the Self-contained Lantern M860 is engineered for consistent, reliable performanc at remote installations and in challenging insolation locations.

This is a premium and full-featured lantern that is suitable for achieving longer ranges in challenging insolation locations. The M860 offers up to 475 CD (IALA Peak) and over 7 NM range.

Self-contained Lantern M860 features:

  • Option for standard or wide divergences (for fixed or floating applications)
  • Multiple cost-effective battery pack options suitable for a wide variety of installation locations
  • Built-in calendar function for automatic de-activation during off-season months
  • Top-mounted 4-character LED display with simple »tap to activate« functionality
  • Premium grade, UV resistant polycarbonate lens material
  • Environmentally friendly, super durable powdercoated aluminium chassis
  • Adjustable intensity and range
  • IP 68 rated
  • GPS synchronized flash option
  • Remote monitoring options available
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