Introducing the Sabik MPV II Ice Buoy Lantern – the latest addition to our range of durable and reliable navigational aids. Designed specifically for ice-covered waters, the MPV II is a modern replacement for the renowned MPV LED, with completely redesigned optics and advanced features that set it apart from other ice buoy lanterns on the market.


Tricolor Functionality

The MPV II stands out with its remarkable tricolor functionality. By emitting white, red, and green or yellow, red, and green lights from a single lantern, the MPV II boldly advances the realm of marine aids to navigation technologies.

Outperforming its predecessor, the MPV LED, the new MPV II boasts peak intensities of up to 600 cd (white & green) and 370 cd (red & yellow), offering an impressive visual range of up to 8 nautical miles.


Highly engineered unbreakable design

The MPV II is engineered for long-lasting durability. Its robust bronze alloy housing and thick, molded polycarbonate lens (up to 20mm in thickness) guarantee exceptional resistance against extreme ice conditions and submersion up to 100 meters. The lantern has been meticulously crafted using a continuous casting method, ensuring an unbreakable design that has undergone rigorous testing, enduring forces of up to 65 kN.
The lantern also features wireless Bluetooth programming, long-range LTE-M remote monitoring technology, GNSS position monitoring with an accuracy of 2.5 meters CEP, and satellite synchronization with adjustable delay. The MPV II’s event log and calendar functionality allow for easy monitoring and maintenance, and its remarkably improved lantern positioning accuracy enhances overall safety on the water.

Longer battery life and easy drop-in installation

In addition to its new design and tricolor functionality, the MPV II also offers increased cost efficiency and sustainability. Its low power consumption enables a doubled battery replacement cycle, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement. Furthermore, the MPV II is a drop-in replacement for the old MPV LED lantern, with the same lower flange, making replacement and installation quick and easy while reducing waste.



In conclusion, the Sabik MPVII Ice Buoy Lantern is an extremely durable, efficient, and cost-effective navigational aid that offers tricolor functionality, reduced stock requirements, and increased sustainability. Its robust construction and advanced features ensure that it is built to last and promote safe navigation in the toughest ice conditions. With the Sabik MPV II, SPX Aids to Navigation continues to lead the way in providing reliable and innovative solutions for marine safety.


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