LED Road Traffic Light Signals for railway crossings


Road Traffic Light Signal TRV 200, the Light Emitting Diode road traffic light signal has been developed to be used as a traffic signal for level crossings in harsh road and railway environments. The light unit has an increased safety and reliability compared to traditional signal lights.

Road Traffic Light Signal TRV 200 features:

  • Increased safety and reliability thanks to high quality LEDs used in the signal
  • Low maintenance cost because of the long lifetime of the LEDs
  • Reduced energy consumption compared to traditional incandescent signal units
  • Self monitoring with 2 optoisolated outputs giving the feedback that LEDs are OK and that the signal is turned on
  • Two level luminous intensity for day and night mode
  • TRV 200 can be installed in a standard 200mm traffic light enclosure, The light unit is delivered with a 6 meter cable
  • The light signal has an extremely robust design with a UV-resistant polycarbonate lens and a back cover produced in aluminium

Road Traffic Light Signal TRV 100 features:

  • TRV100 can be installed in a 100 mm traffic light enclosure, 2- and 3-aspect enclosures can be supplied as standard products
  • TRV100 LED unit is delivered with a 2 m cable.
Technical Information