The PEL-7 is a highly accurate long range projector sector light suitable for both day and night use. PEL-7 has a new high power LED light source and it replaces PEL-6 in Sabik‘s product offering. PEL-7 is the latest generation of the original PEL light and the most powerful member of our legendary PEL product family originally created by Vega in 1972. Long life LEDs minimize the need for maintenance. Sector alignment and sector boundaries are exceptionally accurate. The analogue oscillating boundary provides precise positional awareness for the navigator when the vessel deviates from optimal course. Wide vertical divergence reduces installation tower heights, reducing installation cost.

PEL-7 features:

  • The most accurate sector light at the market
  •  Provides precise positional awareness with the analogue oscillating boundary
  • Mounting is identical to PEL-6, drop in replacement
  • Maintenance free LED light source
  • Modular light source for fast field replacement
  • Range 40,8 NM by night and 8,2 NM by day @0,85T
  • Up to 7 sectors with oscillating boundary
  • Wide vertical divergence
  • Automatic day and night detection and change over


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