The Carmanah R920 Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) is a stand-out solution for those seeking to improve driver yield rates and pedestrian safety at uncontrolled crossings, such as mid-block crosswalks, trail crossings and unsignaled intersections. The R920 RRFB is a flashing light for pedestrians and bikers that is user-activated.  The brightness of the lights flashing in a rapid pattern make them highly noticeable to drivers, whether it’s daytime in the sun or night-time in an urban setting.

Backed by significant federal and state research, RRFBs are the leading product choice for engineers looking to enhance marked, uncontrolled crosswalks (crosswalks without stop signs, yield signs, or signals). The Carmanah R920 is a slim form factor solar-powered RRFB that fits easily onto existing signposts to make retrofitting quick and easy. Hardware can be installed in a matter of minutes by city crews to lower install costs and minimize traffic disruptions.