The Carmanah R829 Series solar flashing school zone beacons are designed to reduce vehicle speeds in school zones. Carmanah offers two models, the R829C (a compact, 10 watt panel) and the R829 (20 watt panel). These solar flashing school zone beacons can be added to existing school zone speed limit signage with just a wrench and screwdriver making installation fast and simple. Eliminating the need for electrical grid connections, the beacons reduce installation and long-term operating costs. Carmanah School Zone Flashing Beacons can also be pre-programmed to flash according to the peak traffic times of individual school zones.
Research by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission show that flashing school zone beacons can reduce speed in school zones by five to seven miles per hour* increasing safety and encouraging students and parents to walk and bike to school. Both the R829 or R829C fit within SRTS infrastructure funding models as well as state-specific grants for school zone safety improvements.