Hybrid Marker Light for Aquaculture Farms

SBFH 160 is a hybrid marker light especially developed for aquaculture farms. It is designed to meet requirements regarding night and day time visibility as well as radar visibility. It can also be installed directly on floats for aquaculture farms. This hybrid marker light has an unique hybrid system including a solar panel and an integrated rechargeable battery. During the dark winter months an alkaline battery is used as a power supply. The partly integrated, robust lantern has very low power consumption and is equipped with GPS synchronization. LightGuard remote monitoring can be added as option. Advanced bluetooth programming app also available for android and IOS mobile phones.

Hybrid Marker Light SBFH 160 features:

  • Adjustable intensity and range
  • Standard range 3 NM at Tc = 0.74 (4,5 NM at Tc = 0,85)
  • Standard IALA colours
  • Equipped with internal radar reflector
  • Energy sources: main Nimh battery and solar panel as main and Alkaline battery as back-up.
  • Vertical divergence 8° @ 50% (±1°) of peak intensity
  • GPS synchronization as standard
  • Optionally integrated GSM/GPS remote monitoring
  • Remote monitoring with LightGuard Monitor
  • Mounting mechanism can be customized for different floats
  • Sabik Easy programmer can be used for programming the lantern and for reading the status of the lantern and battery
  • Advanced bluetooth programming up to 50 m radius available as a new feature