Alkaline Primary Batteries

Sabik range of alkaline buoy batteries have been developed to be used as a single power supply for a light signal on floating or fixed devices in marine environment.

The battery is made of alkaline cells containing 0 % lead or cadmium, classified as environmental friendly. The batteries can be disposed off at regular waste disposal stations. A manufacturer‘s environment certificate available on request. 

The housing is made of corrosion free polyethylene. Both the top and the bottom are welded to the pipe forming a completely waterproof package.

The batteries are supplied with double insulated PVC connection cables, with a choice of connection terminators suitable for the application. All cables and lifting handles are attached to the batteries with waterproof joints.

The batteries operate in a vacuum. This is ideal for buyos occasionally submerged. On request, an additional standoff can be mounted. The batteries can even be supplied to be used submerged.

Batteries features:

  • Lifting handle
  • Lifting eye for cranes
  • Operates in a vacuum
  • Optional accessories available