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The increasing concern for lifetime cost of floating AtoN has made most operators of buoys to notice the savings potential of moving over from ...

Self-contained Lanterns

Single lift solutions are becoming more attractive with the constant development of LEDs, solar panels and battery technologies...

Solar Lighting

Commercial solar lighting for parking lots, general areas, perimeter, security, for streets, highways, parks and sidewalks ...

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AtoNsys is an argentine company specialized in the supplying of Aids to Navigation, dedicated to providing responsible, safe and effective technological solutions to the marine industry. We choose to play an active role in the selection of the products to commercialize, interpreting the requirements of each customer.With base on extensive experience, variety of products and continuous support from leading manufacturers, our role is to find the most suitable option. In the conviction that the proposal will meet the necessary requirements in an optimal cost-benefit equation.

Respecting the environment, following the recommendations of the regulatory organizations and considering the needs of each work, we focus our strategy on developing dynamic, efficient, lasting responses, within the scope of achievable projects.  Resorting to the creation of strategic alliances with suppliers, we are able to develop a large catalogue of quality products and in this way we adapting to the market demands.

We are guided by trust, versatility and professionalism, values ​​recognized throughout our history.


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