The VSL-73 Sector Light forms part of the Vega LED marine beacon family and is designed for omni-directional applications where precision sectoring is required.

The VSL-73 provides a LED alternative for shadow casting sector lights using incandescent lamps. The VSL-73 can be used for sector light applications ranging from 4NM to 10NM with a normal visibility of 12NM (0.74T).
Each VSL-73 is customized for the particular application taking into account the required range colours, and sector angles.
Mechanically the VSL-73 is available in any combination of subunit (half unit) and full unit up to a maximum of a 3 unit high version.
A full unit consists of 6-lens layers that can be the same or made up from different colours.
A full unit in one colour will typically have a range of 10NM at 0.74T.

Información Técnica de VSL-73