The VRL-91 Uni-Mega high power LED range light forms part of the Vega LED marine beacon family and is intended for applications requiring very high intensity.

A single white Uni-Mega lens using a single LED produces an intensity of 400.000 candela on a vertical and horizontal divergence of 3 degrees. This is a day range over 5NM with a background light level of 10.000 candela/m2 (bright sky next to the sun).
The VRL-91 Uni-Mega incorporates a modular design to allow the range light to be configured for a particular application.
The main variants are the range required and the horizontal divergence (50% of peak intensity). The Uni-Mega incorporates the latest in LED lens technology. Multiple light sources are used to provide the necessary range and horizontal divergence.

Información Técnica VRL-91