Self-contained LED Light with 10 NM Range

Self-contained Lantern SC L-100 is a self powered range light for used on fixed structures. The light is complete including solar panels battery and charge controller. The light is made for long uninterrupted operation. 

Self-contained lantern SC LS-100 features:

  • Range 10 NM (Tc=0,74) 15 NM (Tc = 0,85)
  • Standard IALA colours Red, Green, White, Yellow
  • Light module of rugged aluminium housing and body of UV resistant polyethylene
  • Light horizontally and vertically adjustable in the field
  • Integrated flasher with day-light switch and solar charger
  • Standard VRLA battery or optional NiCd for low temperature areas
  • Ventilated battery compartment
  • Solar modules with tempered glass in front
  • Adjustable intensity and range
  • Programming with a wireless Sabik Easy Programmer, PDA Programmer or PC/USB interface
  • Optionally integrated GPS synchronization
  • Optionally integrated GSM Remote monitoring
  • Optionally Auxiliary connector for external charger or external Solar Module
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