Marine LED light for buoys and minor beacons

Marine Lantern LED 155 is a general purpose LED lantern commonly used on both fixed and floating structures. The lantern is modular in design. It can be configured with two different vertical divergencies and 1-3 tiers depending on operational requirements.

Marine Lantern LED 155 features:

  • Range up to 8 NM at Tc = 0.74 (12 NM at Tc = 0.85)
  • Standard IALA colours Red, Green, White, Yellow and Blue/Yellow
  • Rugged aluminium housing for installation in harsh marine environments
  • Extremely low power consumption, suitable for solar and battery operation
  • Integrated flasher with day-night switch
  • Integrated 16A solar panel charger using pulse width modulation
  • Adjustable intensity and range
  • Available with narrow (6°) or wide (10°) vertical divergence
  • Programming with any of Sabik wireless programmers
  • Integrated event log for 365 days
  • Optionally integrated
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