Long Range Led Marine Beacon

The VLB-92 Omni-Mega Long Range Beacon forms part of the Vega LED marine beacons family and is intended for applications requiring very high intensity and range. Depending on the confi guration, the Omni-Mega beacon can handle range from 15NM to 20NM at a transmissivity of 0.74T or 23NM to 30NM at a transmissivity of 0.85T.
The VLB-92 Omni-Mega provides outstanding heat sink performance to handle the heat dissipation from the high power LED light sources used in the Omni-Mega beacon. The building block of the VLB-92 Omni-Mega is a threelens unit, complete with heat sinks.
Up to three of these units can be used to obtain the required range and flash, character of the application.
The VLB-92 Omni-Mega incorporates a very high power LED light source and high effi ciency optics in order to achieve the level of candela output required for these long range marine beacons.
Each lens layer of the Omni-Mega beacon incorporates 12 LED sources.
The vertical divergence at 50% of peak intensity is 3 degrees.

Información Técnica de VLB-92